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We’re often asked a range of questions prior to vehicles being dropped of with us, here are some we’ve prepared
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How long will my repairs take?

Each repair requirement is different we will give you an estimated repair time when quoting your vehicle on site. This is an estimate as the inspection is a visual one only and often further damage is identified when dismantling the damaged items.

The amount of time it takes to repair a vehicle depends heavily on the extent of the damage.

When it comes to ETA on parts we will obtain this at time of quoting from our suppliers but often delays happen with freight and like anything living in the tropics roads can get cut etc.

We will however keep you up to date if any delays occur as soon as we are advised of them.

Do I get a Free Loan Car?

Due to liability and insurance reasons we don’t have any loan cars however we can put you in touch with a company who can supply a free loan car if you were not at fault and can advise who the at fault person is and they have insurance.

This company has its own specific requirements they will go through.

Do I need to fill my car with fuel before dropping it off?

We prefer you to have ¼ of a tank or more.

Normally your vehicle is only driven around the workshop, however at times we need to test drive your vehicle or take it to a sublet supplier to have work done – e.g. Any bull bar fittings, wheel repairs or window tinting.

Do you clean my car when you are finished repairs?

Yes - every repaired vehicle is comprehensively cleaned inside and out.

Do I need to remove everything out of my car?

No, you don’t, however we do recommend removing anything you will require like garage remotes or sporting equipment. If you have rear damage and your boot is full of items, it would be appreciated if these could be removed.

If I am in an accident, what should I do?

Ensure you collect all the details of any other parties involved including, name, address, phone numbers, as well as their insurance information, etc. Contact your insurance company advise them and lodge a claim.

Will ASR Collision Specialists total loss my car for me or will you ensure my car isn’t a total loss?

We estimate cars but we don’t total loss them. That is up to your insurance assessor. Legislation does require in some instances for a vehicle to be determined a total loss and we are governed by this legislation and your insurance company is also governed by it.

We recommend if you aren’t happy with the final determination by your insurance company you ask them the questions of options.




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